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SNIPER SOFT SOLUTIONS is one of the leading technology driven company from past ten years. At SNIPER we make CCTV cameras in our own brand “SNIPER” by using the quality proven best in class image sensors and chipsets.
SNIPER SOFT SOLUTIONS holds its expertise in the field of electronics and does required R&D on the image sensors, chipsets used in CCTV Cameras before adapting them in the product. All the products manufactured are made to undergo through testing from the Quality control team before the product is packed and dispatched. It has strategies built in to handle after sales support with adequate technical team with through knowledge of the product to offer the best possible support.


Excellence stands for the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. we believe in "Being excellence results in success".


Accuracy stands for being correct or precise.We have adapted accurate strategies which results in rendering accuracy for our clients.


Integrity is regarded as honesty and truthfulness.We maintain integrity in quality and service.


We believe in On time support/service is the key for a long term successive business.We have a dedicated team of experts who hold their exprtise in providing accurate solutions.

Product Engineering

This involves innovation of new products.We have simultaneously involved ourselves in R&D of new product utilising the best possible technolgy reach by us.


Changing dynamics in our society regarding the security of the mankind made us to adapt manufacturing of CCTV cameras into our business Verticals.Our vision at SNIPER is to make best in class CCTV cameras and DVR according to the industry standard.We aim ourselves to be in the top of the list among other competitors by offering robust and reliable solutions in the best possible professional approach.